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Top Selling Products

 1.  Fire-i board camera b/w
 2.  Fireboard800-e V2 PCIe card
 3.  10m 1394a firewire cable
 4.  CAT-5 Repeater-400 kit
 5.  5m USB 3.0 A to Micro-B cable
 6.  Fire-i 785c SXGA/30fps 1394b camera


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New products
FireBoard800-e™ Pro Dual is Unibrain's next generation 		of 1394b PCI Express x1 add-in interface card, which features two (2) 1394b (Firewire-800) busses with two (2) 1394b 9 pin ports allocated or 		each bus.
		Fireboard800-e Pro DualTM is ideal for multi-camera acquisition systems that require fast and reliable data transfers to the host system.
		The card allows simultaneous image acquisition from up to 16 cameras at total data throughput of 160 MB/sec using a single x1 PCIe slot, and 			utilizes deep isochronous FIFO’s that guarantee an uninterrupted data flow.
Featured Products

The new Fire-i board Pro™ OEM board firewire camera series from Unibrain, are designed for the industrial OEM and machine vision applications. The compact size of the cameras provides more versatility in space and weight considerations.

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